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Health And Anti-aging

Testosterone levels peak when we reach age 21 and decline slowly and steadily thereafter. By the time a man is 40, his testosterone level will have dropped more than half. Gingergenic™ is designed for men who are suffering from low testosterone, or for men who are simply seeking an edge in the gym or in the bedroom. For healthy sexual performance and anti-aging, Gingergenic™ is unrivaled in it's effectiveness.

In scientific studies, these gingerol compounds produced a significant increase in testosterone levels and also increased the quantity and quality of sperm cells, making the men more fertile. In one study, Ginger actually increased testosterone levels and sperm quality more than a commonly prescribed testosterone replacement drug! For men who are suffering from low sex drive, poor erectile quality, lack of energy, or poor body composition, Gingergenic™ is your all-natural solution. Gingergenic™ is a standardized full spectrum extract of Ginger that contains specific levels of the powerful and bio active Gingerol compounds known as 6-gingerol, 8-gingerol,10-gingerol and 6-shogao, which are responsible for it's dramatic effect on testosterone levels in men.Herbal Innovations is the first and only company to identify the biologically active Gingerol compounds present in Ginger, and Gingergenic™ is the strongest Ginger extract in the world.

Bodybuilding And Fitness

Testosterone is the male hormone and is responsible for the development of male characteristics, including strength and muscle mass. Testosterone is known as "The King of Hormones", and for very good reason; it increases muscle mass, decreases fat, and improves athletic performance. For this reason, athletes and bodybuilders are always seeking ways to increase Testosterone levels, but oftentimes, these methods are unnatural and come with a host of nasty side effects and potential health concerns.

Gingergenic™ truly represents a new age of herbal testosterone enhancement for men! With effects that are so powerful that they are comparable to testosterone injection or cream therapies, men can now experience all of the wonderful performance enhancing and body changing benefits of testosterone without resorting to harmful drugs. Gingergenic™ has been clinically proven to increase endogenous testosterone levels in men, causing the testicles to produce more natural testosterone, unlike synthetic sources of testosterone which decrease the body's natural production. Gingergenic™ is perfect for natural testosterone-boosting formulas and other bodybuilding and fitness related products that are designed to improve body composition and enhance athletic performance.

Scientific Studies

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